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Drinking water can reduce the occurrence of many diseases

Good habits of drinking water can reduce the risk of stones. Many patients with gallstones, kidney stones and urinary stones drink less water compared to ordinary people.

Gout is caused by the body's metabolism disorder which makes uric acid accumulate in the blood and uric acid salt in the tissues around the joints . Drinking more water every day enables the uric acid to educt outside in the body through the kidneys.

Asthma patients, including some of the old patients with chronic bronchitis should drink more water in the case of no limb edema to maintain airway patency. Because these patients have faster breathing and will lose more water in the respiratory tract.

Patients suffering from cystitis often have unsmooth urination, causing high urination frequency, pain and urination urgency. At this time, a lot of them don't want to drink more water. In the contrary, they should drink more to ease the symptoms.

Patients with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar should drink adequate water which can reduce the viscosity of blood, accelerate the blood circulation and prevent the occurrence of stroke.

Water can reduce the risk of getting cancer. Drinking habits will determine your health condition,especially for young people. If you have the good habit of drinking much water when you are young , you are less likely to suffer from cancers when you get old. Studies have confirmed that: if the intake of water is more, there are lower chances of suffering from bladder cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, testicular cancer, ureteral carcinoma, renal pelvis carcinoma and breast cancer.

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