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Efficacies of barley tea

Smoothing your stomach and quenching your thirst
A lot of people call the aroma of barley tea as the smell of sunshine or the fragrance of grains. Thus we can see that barley tea is a natural drink. And the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine points out that the barley tea is very effective for soothing your stomach, quenching your thirst and eliminating the excessive heat inside your body. The effect is very applicable in the dry spring. Many people often have excessive heat in their body due to spring dryness. At this time, they only need to drink more barley tea can have very good can nourish dry effect. What's more, barley tea is conducive to digestion. Therefore, in this dry season, we might as well drink more barley tea in order to fight agaisnt dryness.

promoting digestion
In everyday life, many people often have the symptoms of chest and abdominal distention because of eating too much, particularly those who hogging like a pig over a long period of time. Theri intestines and stomach functions are severely damaged. Frequent abdominal distension and indigestion symptoms will appear. At this time, the expert reminds that you might as well take the barley powder after grinding and stir-fry. It is beneficial abdominal distension caused by various reasons and at the same time promote digestion and stop diarrhea.

nourishing the stomach
Nowadays many people are seriously damaged in the intestines and stomach function because of all kinds of bad eating habits. The most common ones are overeating, irregular meals and so on. These are very common bad habit in the daily life of modern people. Some people have preference for meat and spicy food. This diet structure is also very adverse to intestines and stomach function. It is best to drink some barley tea to take away the grease and promote digestion.

treat constipation
Constipation caused by various reasons has made many people suffer, especially some of the patients with chronic constipation. They will have bad breath, splashes and bulging belly. Besides paying special attention to the diet, in at ordinary times, they should drink more barley tea because it can accelerate intestinal peristalsis so as to solve the problem of constipation.

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