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7 ways to promote immunity

1, 9pm to 11pm23: go to bed
   There are 5 sleep peaks in a day. The first peak is 11pm at night. After you miss the first peak, the second one is 2 in the morning. The important point is, the time when sleep peak arrives, the repairing ability of one's immune system is the strongest. If you can not sleep before 11pm, it would be easy to cause immune system diseases.

2, Walking barefoot in the grass or walk on the earth for 15 minutes to 30 minutes.
   The human body will take in a lot of electromagnetic waves through contact with various electric equipments. While walking barefoot, the electromagnetic waves be discharged  through the soles' conduction.

3, Rub the thymus 200 times every day
The thymus is four finger away from the clavicle hollows below the neck. Grip the hands and rub both sides of the chest can help enhance immunity.

4, Three meals every day, don't eat meat, eggs, milk which contain genetically modified composition or catalyst .
   The recipe should cover fruits, vegetables, and grain crops, among which sweet potato is the best.

5,  Drink 3000 ml of water a day to detoxify and clear the bowels.
   What is worth  mentioning is not to drink pure water.

6, Get rid of all pessimistic and negative thoughts and don't say anything negative.
7, Being grateful and express gratitude to others often.

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