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Health tips for eye care

1, Pay attention to the reading environment
Don't read in a wavering or bumping environment such as in a train. Don't read at dusk; or when the light is too dim or too bright;The brightness and tone of the TV screen should be moderate. Timely adjust the image if it is not clear; In the dark environment, such as when there is a slide show or in the movie theatre, do not stay for too long.

 2, Take proper rest and do eye exercises
Pay attention to the health of the eyes. Take an active part in outdoor activities. After each half an hour's use of eyes, it is best to stand up and have a rest for 5 minutes. Gently close your eyes and do some eye exercises; Look far into the distance and the visual fatigue will be eased.

 3, Keep correct sitting posture.
Wear glasses suitable to you. The distance between the eyes and the books or  computer screen is best at about a foot (33 cm). The posture of reading should be correct. Pay attention to the height of the table and chairs.

 4, Apply medical measures
Timely seek for medical solutions if you are affected with eye diseases or other systemic diseases; Pay attention to the regulation and protection of the eyes. If staying in the dry and air-conditioning office environment for a long time, you can apply some eye drops to refresh the tired ciliary muscle and improve micro circulation of the eyes.

 5, Drink chrysanthemum tea often
Chrysanthemum has the effect of cooling down internal heat and brighten the eyes. When your eyes feel tired, you have take a cup of chrysanthemum tea, steam your eyes with the steam coming from the chrysanthemum tea. About two to three minutes later, the eye fatigue can be significant;y alleviated.

 6, Keep sufficient sleep
At ordinary times, you should assure enough sleep, have good arrangement over work and rest and keep a balanced diet. Eat more grains, beans, fruits, vegetables and animal livers.  

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