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It is easier to get sunburn in water during summer

Expert analysis, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine in summer is strong. If one stays in the sunlight for a long time, it is very likely to cause sunburns. The manifestation will not immediately show after  exposure,it is generally after 6 ~ 12 hours that the skin will appear big erythema, peeling, blisters, edema, burning sensation and fever, etc.

 In summer, people like to swim to cool themselves down, but they have ignored that staying in the river or swimming pool for hours during the day can make the skin more vulnerable to sunburn. Ultraviolet light can be reflected by water, so one will receive doubled amount of ultraviolet radiation while in the water.

 Expert reminds that before going out, one need carefully apply some waterproof sunscreen. The ultraviolet rays are at their strongest from 12 am to 2 pm. It should be avoided to go for swimming outdoors in this period. After half an hour or an hour of staying in the water, it is best to apply sunscreen again.

Compared with adults, children's skin is thinner and the body resistance poorer, so they are more likely to get sunburns.

Mild sunburns will give you skin redness, burning sensation and pain. It feel like being scalded, this is the stimulation reactions to acute damage. At this point, it is best to apply ice compression and then put calamine lotion to the affected part.It is of heat dissipation, convergence and anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition to alleviating the symptoms, it also helps prevent ultraviolet ray to further stimulate the skin. In general, when the sunburn occurs, the body will speed up the metabolism and restore the skin as soon as possible.


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