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Places that hide bacteria in the house

Carpet, slippers, door handle, dining table, stools, tableware and toilet
Family members and guests often bring bacteria and viruses from the outside world to the house. Many are skin fungi, respiratory viruses and peculiar smell. If you don't pay due attention, they can breed at an incredible speed, threatening children and the elderly who are weak in immunity and causing diseases.

Fruits and vegetables and raw meat bought from the market, kitchen sink, chopping board, cutting board, cupboard and kitchen floor The fruits, vegetables and meat you just bought from the market is a major source of bacteria in the house. They can take this opportunity of you placing them somewhere to breed and cause diseases.

The refrigerator
 If you think the low temperature of the refrigerator cannot keep the bacteria alive, then you are wrong. The refrigerator at best can slow bacteria breeding speed, but cannot kill bacteria. Raw meat and vegetables which hide a lot of e. coli and other bacteria can contaminate other foods in the refrigerator.

Toothbrush, mug and towel
Toothbrush, mug and towel have frequent contact with your skin and oral cavity and there is no  specific disinfection measure. Over a long period of time, there will be bacteria all over. When you use them, you are bringing the bacteria to your skin and mouth.

Sink, bathtub, dresser and toilet ground, etc
They are most frequently exposed to the human body and waste things. With no disinfection measures, they can be the bacteria source over time.

 More and more people like to keep pets, such as dogs and cats. Pets are with plenty of all sorts of bacteria and peculiar smell and are one of the main sources of family infectious diseases.

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