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Preventing cancer in the morning and evening

"Emotion, diet, sleep and environment" are the best cancer prevention measures. Professor Li Zhong, secretary general of Association of Chinese medicine said, minding two points: "eat less in the morning and sleep early at night" is crucially important.

"Eating little in the morning" mainly aims at nourishing the stomach. In fact, according to the habit of the modern people,  breakfast time for the majority of people is in gas rising period in the stomach and the stomach has not reached the peak when it is full of gastric gas. At this time, if large amount of food is eaten, the rising gastric gas will be supressed down. It is harmful to the stomach.

"Sleep early in the evening" aims at nourishing the liver. If the modern people want to protect the liver, in addition to keeping a good mood, drinking less alcohol, avoiding abuse of medicines, it is important to go to sleep early,. It is a very bad and harmful habit to stay up late. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine mentions that from11 pm to 3 a.m., the blood flows through liver and gall bladder. At this time, the body should get complete rest, or the liver will be easily damaged. So, whatever the reason is,  don't sleep after 11pm.

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