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Secrets of human body

Your laugh can trigger a chain reaction of others
If you see someone else yawn, you also can't help yawning. A new study suggests that your smile will cause a chain reaction of others because hearing people laughing can stimulate the brain regions associated with facial movements. Imitation will play a very important role in social interaction. Sneezing, cry, smile, and yawning can all become signals that you linked to a group.

The secret of ciliary organelles
In our body, there will produce a organelles called cilia, which helps the body to digest, hear  sounds etc. The cilia inside the nose can help you absorb the mucus from nasal mucus to the throat. When the weather turns cold, the absorption process will slow down, the mucus will accumulate. When necessary, use a handkerchief to wipe it. Nasal mucosal swelling or shrinkage will make nose blocked.

People eat mainly for the brain
Although the brain accounts for only 2% of our entire body weight, it needs 20% of the total demand for oxygen and heat. In order to guarantee enough supply to our brain, three brain arteries transmit oxygen constantly to it. If one of them pauses a little or gets blocked, it can let the brain cells starve to death. The crresponding brain area will stop working or slow down the working speed. This is how a stroke happens.

Bones, besides supporting muscles and organs, can also adjust our calcium content. Bone contains phosphorus and calcium, the later of which is required by the muscles and nerves. If this element is in short supply, specific hormones will lead to osteoporosis and bone fragility. It is necessary to supplement calcium till the concentration reachs the appropriate level.

Your stomach secretes corrosive acid
Your stomach cells can secrete hydrochloric acid which is a corrosive compound. In industries, it is used for metal processing. It can corrode metal, but the stomach mucous membrane can keep this poisonous liquid safely in the digestive system and break down the food you eat.

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