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Four weight loss tips to get rid of lower body edema

Guide language, owning a pair of long legs is essential weapons to increase female charm, but many girls have slim upper body, but lower body is extremely edema. And it is caused by the edema.

1. Apple cider vinegar, diuresis eliminate edema

Pectin mass among it could promote bowel movement and acidification, alkaline constitution is likely to cause oedema, use apple cider vinegar to balance your body to reach the aim of weight loss.

2. Use oatmeal to eliminate edema

Oatmeal is also the first choice to eliminate edema. Oatmeal contains rich fibers, which could help us to increase full feeling, reduce blood and cholesterol, as well as anti-dropsy effect. But you had better boil oats by your self. Boil natural oat and right amount of water. You could also match it with milk, it is rich nutrition as well as reduce weight.

3, Eat bananas.

Potassium is the natural enemy of sodium. Because potassium and sodium can repel each other in the body, eat more food containing potassium, sodium in our body will naturally decrease, drainage effect will be better. We can also eat lida daidaihua slimming capsule to reach the aim of losing weight. The most recommendable food which is rich in potassium is banana, bananas are not only cheap but also can expel edema to help shape lower legs , it is called "beautiful leg food". But defect of it is containing too high heat, you can only eat half a banana when you are on a diet. Other food rich in potassium are seaweed, melons, watermelon, cucumber, balsam pear, black soy bean, red bean, these food are helpful to drainage diuresis. For some people, they do not like to eat vegetable. In fact, they could use daidaihua to replace vegetables and fruits. It is the drug which could help you to control the appetite, and by eating it you could realise the dream of reducing weight loss in a short time.

4, Corn

Corn is the super star products in the body drainage, the carbohydrate derivative mannose phosphate in corn can constantly update skin cells, promote the dead skin cells fall off naturally, reproduce the natural skin.

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