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Slimming fruit and vegetable juice

Celery, carrot and green grapes
If you are often bothered by constipation problem and it doesn't really help that you take a lot of medicine and water, it is very probable that you lack of fiber in your body. To ensure the normal toxin discharging function of the body, supplementing cellulose is very necessary. Celery is one of the vegetables that are richest in fiber content. Mix it with carrot which is richest in vitamins and green grape which is rich in tartaric acid and you can effectively improve the constipation condition, speed up the movement of the intestines and flatten the bulgy abdomen.

Pineapple, carrot and ginger
Pineapple pulp has rich pectin and tartaric acid, and xylem is rich in fiber. Pineapple  can not only increase the movement of the intestines but alslo promote the metabolism of the body. Combining with carrot which is rich in vitamins and a little ginger whose capsaisin can promote body blood circulation and fat metabolism, it is very effective for weight losing.
Apple, pear and raw sweet potato
The apple is known to have very good slimming effect by all as apple is rich in vitamins and pectin. It can reduce the appetite induced by hunger. Pear can moisturize your lungs promote the body's water metabolism and fasten the toxin discharging speed. The sugar in pear can provide you with energy. Raw sweet potato contains high starch content and cellulose. Mixture of these three fruits and vegetables can give you fullness and prevent you from overeating.

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