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Brain protection ways

A brisk walk three times a week

Exercises exert positive effect on the brain. Exercising regularly not only can reduce the risk of diseases but also helps slow down the development of the existing disease like cognitive disorder. In addition, exercise can enhance your energy and refresh your mind.

Leave more leisure time to get together with friends, sharing experiences, learning new knowledge, exchange emotions, enhance trust and promote understanding. This can save people from fatigue and heavily-burdened nerves and activate the brain.

Don't let the brain overwork. Establish health management mechanism at ordinary times. Don't make your organs overwork, such as taking much alcohol, spending much time watching TV, abusing drugs or smoking. Form a healthy way of living,  take balanced diet, have sufficient rest in time and do exercises on a regular basis.

Stay away from tobacco

Bad breath, stained teeth, stinky tobacco smell are recognized characteristics of smokers. Tobacco can reduce the body function, destroy people's cognitive ability, affect the brain functioning, cause inattention, memory decline and poor execution ability. In addition, tobacco can lead various cancers including lung cancer, oral cancer, gastric cancer and liver cancer.

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