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Health-threatening things for women

Excessive attention on appearance

Many women are deeply troubled by their figure or appearance so they try a lot of ways to achieve their wishes, even at the cost of their health, which can be very dangerous.


Women are more likely to worry about the future and feel regretful for the past. Study found that, compared with men, the risk of women suffering from stress-related illness is twice higher.

Eating influenced by emotions

Men are more likely to enhance their positive emotions through food while women seek comfort from sweets and food with high quantity of heat when they get sad. Avoid overeating when feeling depressed. Do something that you are interested in to distract yourself and exercise more to increase the euphoric hormone endorphin levels.

Heavy bags

Heavy and uneven force exerted on the shoulder can cause pain in the shoulder.

Unfit bras

More than 70% of women are wearing the bras which are not their right sizes. Unfit bras can lead to back pain, neck pain, breast pain, difficulty in breathing, poor blood circulation and irritable bowel syndrome.

Insufficient sleep

Lack of sleep can cause poor complexion and increase the risk of accidents, overeating and heart diseases.

High heels

High-heeled shoes will affect the pose and increase the risks of joint pressure, arthritis, back pain and tendon strain.

Sleeping with makeup on

Cosmetics, dust and oil mixture, easy to cause pore blockage, skin reddening, facial splashes and eye infection.


Women in general are lighter than men so there is less water in their body which lead to more time consumption to process the alcohol being taken in.

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