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Slow weight loss methods without rebound

1, chew and swallow slowly

Indeed, chewing and swallow slowly is a long term habit.

When food enters the human body, our blood sugar will rise. And our brain appetite center will stop signals. And if you eat too fast, our brain will stop the eating signals, at this time, you have already eaten too much fat.

Chewing slowly and swallow slowly will respond and meet your appetite, also calm down your rich appetite. Therefore, we would not overeat.

How to swallow slowly

A lot of people are used to eat fast, it is hard to adjust it.

1. Set a time limit before meals, for example, if you eat meal for 10 minutes, then change it into 20 minutes. Thus you could chew more and keep slimming body figure.

2, drink water slowly

When you are thirsty, it is easy to swallow a big glass of water. Actually it is easy to cause oedema. Drinking water fast will increase the burden of stomach and bladder, even cause kidney dropsy.Meizitang is an effective product which could help you to increase the metabolism rate and blood circulation. At the same time, it could control your appetite, then you have less desire for the food.

Enjoy a glass of tea slowly

You could make a cup of good tea and enjoy it slowly. The advantage of tea is to relax our mind, as well as reduce weight. Tea itself could increase the metabolism rate and reduce fat.

Make brown rice

It takes longer time to cook course rice, course rice will increase the sensitivity on food, and feel the happiness of life.

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