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How to effectively restore your normal sleep cycle?

Keep a good attitude, optimism, contentment, to avoid setbacks psychological imbalance;

Try to build up a reflex mechanism conducive to sleep. Half an hour before bedtimes, taking a hot bath, soaking the feet and drinking a glass of milk can all be beneficial to your sleep. As long as you keep these good habits for a long time, you will establish the "conditioned reflex of falling sleep".  

Keeping moderate physical exercise during the day helps with the sleep at night;

Develop good sleep habits, such as keeping the bedroom clean, quiet, away from the noise and light stimulation, etc and avoid drinking tea before you go to sleep.

Limit sleep duration in the daytime. For the elderly, they can appropriately nap during the day. But in general, one should avoid napping for long in the daytime, otherwise it will affect the sleep quality at night;

Don't read in bed, watch TV or work right before you go to sleep. Stick to regular breaks at ordinary times, go to bed on time at night and get up timely in the morning. Form regular living habits;  

Pay attention to your sleeping posture The correct sleeping position should be lying on the right side with legs slightly bending. In this way, the heart will not be oppressed. Blood supplying is smooth, which is beneficial to the metabolism; By gravity, the food in the stomach can go smoothly into the duodenum. This can promote digestion and absorption. At the same time, the whole body is in a state of relaxation, breathing and heartbeat slowed down, brain, heart, lung, stomach, muscle, bones are getting sufficient rest and oxygen supply;

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