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Three good habits boost your mind

Balanced diet
Women should learn to balanced the intake nutrition in diet. Improper or irregular diets can lead to diet to a series of problems to one's health appear a little situation.

1, Eat more roughage.
2, Avoid too much carbohydrate, especially at dinner. Don't overlook the vegetables of high starch content as they may have much carbohydrate. 
3, avoid drinking too much fizzy drinks, juice drinks and alcohol. Except the fresh juice.
4, avoid intake of saturated fatty acids, such as French fries, margarine, sweets, cake and other food. Take olive oil as the main cooking oil.

Arouse the vitality of the brain
Women's aging starts from the colons, brain and chest. Around the age of 30 years old, the estrogen levels in the body of females will be falling gradually and lose its balance. Some symptoms of aging will also come along. The brain will start aging and also begin to lose weight. After leaving school, a lot of women do not think deeply as much as they do in the past. It is especially the case with some housewives. Repeating and monotonous housework activities have devoided their creative thinking

1, Chewing the brain dies. Because when chewing, the blood flows to the brain will increase greatly. This helps maintain normal thinking activity.
2, Develop some hobbies like learning a musical instrument. It can make the brain to control a number of muscles working coordinatedly.
3, Talking to yourself or chatting can help stimulate the connections between nerve cells, promote brain thinking and slow brain aging .

Exercise more
Around the age of 40, women who often take exercise are much less likely to develop heart disease than women who don't exercise. Spare 30 minutes for exercise a day can benefit you a lot. Walking, cycling and climbing stairs can all do. Stick to aerobic exercise and gradually increase the workout intensity. The peed and strength should be appropriate. Avoid excessive movement and fatigue.

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