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10 Things That Happen When You Haven't Weighed Yourself in a Long Time

1. Realize that if you're going to lose any weight and keep it off long-term, hastiness is not your best plan of attack. Thank your friend for knocking some sense into your brain and start doing some research. Contemplate doing Paleo again, then remember how much you love cheese. Consider vegetarianism, but recall your fondness for bacon. Laugh hysterically at the thought of giving up carbs.

2. Ask your therapist what to do and feel annoyed when she asks, "What do you think you should do?" Spend the next couple of weeks taking note of when and why you eat. Start seeing the ways you use food to cope with your feelings. Wonder why that is. Start googling concepts like "Intuitive Eating" and doing constant research. Feel tempted to weigh yourself again, but decide against it...for now.

3. Start eating when you're hungry and stop eating when you're full. Enjoy moving your body, regardless of how many calories will be burned. Throw out clothes that don't fit and buy new ones that do. Begin to see food as fuel and identify what healthy foods you really enjoy eating. See freedom as your goal, not weight loss. Slowly accept that perfection is a myth. Focus on progress. Start training for a 10K, after learning that 12 weeks is plenty of time to do so. Feel excited but scared because 6 miles is a lot of miles.

4. Three months later, glance at the scale one last time, but this time, with gratitude. Silently thank it for being a much-needed catalyst in your life. Then ask your husband to hide it. Know deep down that if and when you decide to weigh yourself again, the experience will go a lot better than the last time.

5. Glance at the scale every time you walk into the bathroom, for about three months. Realize that since all your clothes have gotten tighter,might be time to check your weight. Feel overwhelming dread each time you think about it.

6. Experience a rush of confidence one morning and decide that today is the day!

7. Realize that you probably look ridiculous standing naked in front of the scale and giving it a bunch of dirty looks. You suck in your stomach a bit, take a deep breath, and step on it. Sure, sucking in won't affect the number too much, but it does help you see it better.

8. Gasp when you see your current weight and do some quick math in your head. Realize how many pounds you've gained and gasp again. Get off the scale and get back on. Sigh when the number doesn't budge.

9. Feel instantly remorseful about all the pizza you ate over the past few months. Pizza is so good. But a double-digit weight gain never feels good. Speaking of pizza...you wonder for a half second if pizza would make you feel better. Quickly push that thought out of your head.

10. Find someone to talk to. Vent to a friend about how awful, fat, and silly you feel for gaining so much weight. You tell her that you're going to lose all the weight by running a half-marathon! Act offended when she questions your decision. "But all my Facebook friends have done it. Why can't I?" you argue back.

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