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Hair loss? Be careful !

1. Anemia.
The human body needs iron to help generate red blood cells, so as to transmit oxygen to the whole body. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia and red blood cells decrease, thereby reducing the oxygen content in the blood that the scalp can get. The hair follicles will be in a state of "hunger" and eventually lead to hair loss. Experts said that supplementing iron will help improve the symptoms of anemia. Lack of vitamin C, intake of caffeine or alcohol are bad for iron absorption. It is suggested to drink fruit juice and eat foods rich in iron.

2. Eating disorders.
Reduce food intake can cause a decline scalp blood flow and affect the normal hair growth. WHne it gets serious, the hair will lose luster and even fall off in a large amount. Experts say, hair loss is rarely permanent. Keeping a balanced diet and taking more protein are critical to preventing hair loss. Hair is composed of proteins, so having more food containing proteins is especially important. In addition, the diet should be rich in vitamins (especially vitamin B group), zinc and important fatty acids.

3. Polycystic ovary syndrome.
Women with polycystic ovary syndrome is caused by excessive male hormones is too high. Three will be much hair loss on the patient's forehead. This situation occurs mostly in patients with a family history of hair loss. Experts say that taking some drugs which lower testosterone and doing scalp massage to promote blood circulation can help the patient's hair to grow.

4. Thyroid disease.
The first symptom of thyroid dysfunction of is hair loss. Too much or too less thyroid hormone can affect the normal metabolism and hair growth. All of the hair follicles can be affected. So hair loss is not about only a local area. Scalp massage can be of help.

5. Stress syndrome.
Stress can cause premature hair loss. When there is great pressure, the body can release a variety of hormones that can affect the absorption of vitamin B group and affect hair pigmentation. Stress syndrome can cause alopecia error - the body's immune system attacks scalp cells mistakenly, causing large amount of hair loss. Take vitamin B groups can be beneficial.

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