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Bad habits are not conducive to weight loss

Skipping breakfast
Skipping breakfast makes stomach suffer serious damage, it is easy to make you lack of energy during the work and accelerate aging.
Skipping the breakfast results in depression easily, and you eat more at lunch, then the weight will be gained unconsciously.

Dinner is too big
In the evening, the insulin in the blood will reach the highest level of the day ,the insulin can make blood sugar turn into fat and frozen in the vascular wall, if you eat more at dinner, it is easy for you to put on weight. At the same time, the longer supper can also destroy the normal biological clock; it is easy to make people suffer insomnia.

Being addicted to drinking coffee
Too much coffee intake is easy to make people suffer heart disease.
Coffee contains high levels of caffeine, which can cause changes in the cardiac function and increase the cholesterol in the blood vessels. Being addicted to drinking coffee can reduce the work efficiency. It can also reduce the moisture of stools and cause constipation which affect weight loss.

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