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About Kanger Evod eGo Twist Variable Voltage Battery

The Kanger eVod Twist has three distinct safety features. When a short circuit occurs, the battery will automatically shut down. When the voltage drops lower than 3.2V, the battery will immediately turn itself off. If you press the button for 10 seconds, the battery will go into locked mode to protect your atomizer.

The most advanced Kanger variable voltage vaporizer to date, the eVod Twist features 510 and eGo thread compatibility that fits all types of 510/eGo atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers, and tank systems. The variable voltage dial at the bottom of the battery allows you to increase or decrease the voltage rate at which the battery evaporates the e-liquid. And iStick 30W, are each have their own advantages. You can consider it.

Vaping voltage is adjustable in 0.4V increments from as low as 3.2V to as high as 4.8V. To try a new voltage setting, just turn the bottom knob with a slight twist.

How to turn the battery on or off, click the button 5 times within 2 seconds.

Kanger eVod Twist Specifications:

    Battery capacity: 650/1000mAh
    Puff count: 1000-1200 puffs
    Charging time: 2.5 - 3 hours
    Battery life: 300-360 charge cycles

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