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Yogurt diet, nutrition and health unblocked detoxification

Yogurt diet has a clear bowel, detoxify digestion, increase the effect of intestinal probiotics, obese people drink yogurt, can help reduce weight, shape normal people drink yogurt, can improve the intestinal absorption function, and will not have any influence to the body.

How is the yoghurt made from?

Yogurt is milk as raw material, add some beneficial bacteria after sterilization after fermentation, compared with milk, yogurt accessible to digest absorb, also more conducive to lose weight.

Yogurt diet concept

Yogurt is a kind of how collocation can drink to lose weight, it besides containing in the milk nutrients, and the effect of detoxification, a drink after dinner every day, can have very good effect reducing weight, but best not more than four times a day, or intestinal will protest.

How to choose the yogurt?

Yogurt types varied, but most conducive to weight loss of yogurt is protein content from 1% to 1.5%, average protein content was less than 1% are not orthodox yogurt, the effect of Bee Pollen Pills reducing weight also is not so good.

Yogurt require refrigeration

We will find in the supermarket to buy yogurt, yogurt is placed in the freezer to, this is because the yogurt in 0, 7 degrees Celsius in ensuring the survival of probiotic, if more than the temperature, probiotics will accelerate breeding and then death, so to buy back the yogurt also need to put in freezer to store, and after opening, must be finished in two hours, or it will reduce the nutritional value of yogurt.

Don't drink on an empty stomach

Hollow drink yogurt, leads to nutritional cannot be fully absorbed, so the most delicious something before drink yoghurt pad. Other drugs can not with yogurt drink, the material is likely to kill probiotics, so be sure to drink separately.

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