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How to do when you are facing such problems

Aging everyone will face, so wrinkles, relaxation these face problems will naturally make you worry, we list for you are easy to be four parts of aging, and tell you how to prevent aging coming.

Skin flabby

The sun shine, be easy to massage techniques such as internal cause the skin collagen and elastic fiber damage, the skin can start to appear fine lines and wrinkles.


Choose to contain peptides part to protect skin to taste, peptides can promote collagen protein to restore the skin support. Have the tight skin tiras efficacy products can help skin to flush out the water, avoid the generation of relaxation. Wash a face to quit the bad habit of energetically knead, will wash grandma first hit bubble again after cleaning; Another lie low is to prevent facial ministry skin prolapse of the best position.

Aging eye

If the sebaceous glands function drops, sebum membrane is not easy to form, the skin becomes dry, for one day ten thousand times the blink eyes, are more likely to have small fine lines.


Eye week skin thin, easy to dry, love appear petty furrow. The deep wrinkles in real form before, to use the special eye maintain article so as to prevent it worse, choose high moisturizing and moist ability strong moisture essence, can nourish corneous layer, effectively prevent wrinkles and dry skin.

Stay up late is the big fear of skin, it can make your skin not imagine the speed with aging, avoid to stay up late is the best way to prevent the wrinkle. If can't insist, then you do to stay up late and emergency work. In the finished with eye moisture essence, garnish with moisturizing eye film. Face film coating the temperature, skin to absorb better mask of nutrients, moisturizing effect is better.

Neck grain increased

The neck of nursing is easy to ignore, but neck lines but it can make you old five years old, and the neck appear in the dry, rough, nursing up more to more attention.


Insist to use the neck cream or facial firming products, wipe the neck cream can do when appropriate massage, especially to have part of the grain, can be used to point to an abdomen neck cream gently press until all absorbed. Every night for the neck massage, first the massage oil or massage frost coated in the neck, from the position of the nearly clavicle up, from down to up with gentle massage dynamics to chin, then use the same gesture on both sides according to the neck to the side side. So can minus the neck pain, more can prevent wrinkles appear.

Body aging

Investigation shows, female body aging very serious: because of the formation of the sweat blain blain; By the sun of the cause sunburn and so on the condition all boils down to the body ages.


Ultraviolet ray is ahead of the main reason of the skin aging, whether you're at the beach or a beautiful black light to use prevent bask in products, and according to the time and field to select the SPF value for prevent bask in skin care products. Should be in sunscreen before going out to play to the biggest twenty minutes use effect. Mud mask inside fire special skill, but also a lot of people don't think it too hard, as it as body membrane regulate back, and metabolic waste old cutin and excess oil.

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