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Healthy Habits of 20 Celebrities

There are 20 Celebrities, You can know some Habits of them. We often wonder when we see celebrities on television or in magazines, what exactly it is they're hiding in terms of staying fit and fabulous. How is it that they keep in top shape despite the demands of a grueling work schedule, and remaining in the public eye? Truth be told, the only secret some celebrities have is that they formed healthy habits that they practice daily. Let's have a look together.

1. Alison Sweeney
Speaking of The Biggest Loser, host Alison Sweeney uses video games to stay in shape! That's right, Sweeney does the EA Sports 30-day Fitness challenge on Nintendo Wii, explaining that she never has an excuse to not work out because it is always right there in her home.

2. Julianne Hough

This dancer works hard for her fabulous physique. Hough likes to incorporate shock fitness into her regimen, which means shocking your body by doing different things. For example, if you run regularly, maybe shocking your body with an intense Pilates class will help stir things up metabolically.

3. Jillian Michaels
This famed physical trainer from The Biggest Loser likes to practice the 80/20 rule. This means that 80% of the food she eats daily is healthy, while 20% of the calories she eats are just for enjoyment. This creates a much-needed balance to her dietary life.

4. Reese Witherspoon
Often times this southern belle is snapped by photogs leaving the gym or a yoga studio. As a working mother of three, Witherspoon knows what it is like to be busy, but she understands that healthy should always be a priority.

5. Candice Swanepoel
There's a reason why this Victoria's Secret model stays so healthy throughout the year. Swanepoel loves to switch up her workout routines in order to avoid any ruts. She does boxing to work her core and arms and ballet to elongate muscles. That way there is no room for boredom.

6. Jackie Warner
The Bravo TV star and celebrity trainer suggests one very crucial healthy habit — water! Warner says that drinking three liters of water with lemon daily will detoxify the liver and metabolize fat. It also can speed up the metabolism by up to 33%!

7. Gwyneth Paltrow
This mother of two likes to participate every so often in The Clean Program, a 21-day detox that adds shakes and supplements into her daily diet. It keeps her on track without abstaining from solid foods entirely, as one solid meal a day is recommended.

8. Scarlett Johansson
Johansson has never been overly thin, and in fact she praises her voluptuousness every chance she can. Johannson thanks her no-pressure attitude for staying healthy as well as shapely. She eats well and works out because it makes her feel better, not because she feels pressure to be thin.

9. Lacey Stone
This celebrity fitness expert made her her healthy habit a fun one, too! Working out with music will not only keep you from getting bored during your workouts, but it also will keep you on the right track every time.

10. Harley Pasternak
Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak stresses the importance of walking regularly. It's a habit that you can practice daily by scheduling meetings outside, or parking further away from your destination than you normally would.
11. Jessica Alba
This sexy starlet has a sure-fire habit that helps her stay healthy — portion control. She keeps from overeating by finishing half the food on her plate and saving the rest. That way she can still enjoy the foods she loves without packing on the pounds.

12. Jennifer Aniston
One of the ways this Friends' star stays in shape is with the 10-minute rule. On days she really doesn't want to work out, she tells herself to do so for only for 10 minutes. Usually at the end of those 10 minutes, her endorphins are kickin' and she easily overrides the urge to ditch the workout.

13. Kelly Osbourne
One of the healthiest habits Osbourne incorporated into her daily routine didn't have to do with exercise at all. It came down to loving herself and appreciating her body as it was. She started to enjoy her reflection in the mirror rather than tear herself down.

14. Nat Bardonett
Famed celebrity trainer and who Halle Berry relies on to stay fit, Nat Bardonett, makes her healthy habit more about nutrition. She makes sure certain foods are incorporated into her diet for what they bring to the table, like asparagus for extra fiber and carrots for added beta-carotene.

15. Liv Tyler
One of the important things that Tyler keeps in mind is to make exercise fun. Sometimes adding quirky, weird workouts into the mix can make things more exciting. Just this past year she got into hula-hooping in order to make exercising more enjoyable.

16. Adam Levine
This heartthrob has made sure that his healthy habit revolves primarily around yoga. Levine credits not only his sculpted physique to his yoga regimen, but also to his emotional wellness. Yoga helps soothe him physically and spiritually.

17. Miranda Lambert
This country crooner understands the importance of veggies in her diet, but the problem is she hates them! So, she created a healthy habit that revolves around sneaking them in. Adding veggies to a morning juice, or eating carrots with a lowfat ranch dressing was a great way to eat them without it being mandatory and blatantly obvious.

18. Olivia Wilde
Wilde has said before that anytime she tried to diet or purposefully get in shape for something she'd failed. So, instead she makes sure everything is in moderation instead of deprivation. That way she can never be without, but always stay in control.

19. Kristin Bell
This Hollywood starlet says that the way she stays in such great shape is through social activities. On the weekends, she and her friends ditch the movies and instead do something active, like hiking or bike riding.

20. Patrick Murphy
Celebrity trainer Patrick Murphy advises his clients to purposely ignore the latest trends. He wants his clients, like Chicago P.D. star Sophia Bush, to form exercising habits rather than just follow exercise trends because they're popular or because they look cool.

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