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GS Air Atomizer Is Specifically Designed For The iStick Battery

Eleaf GS Air atomizer is specifically designed for the iStick battery. It features a dual-coil atomizer head that doesn't leak and can handle up to 20W. The GS Air also comes at a very economical price and is simple to use. GS Air will complement your istick and give you a pleasurable vaping experience.
Length: 67.6mm
Diameter: 16.5mm
Capasity: 2.5ml
Voltage: 3.5V-5.5V
Wattage: 8W-20W
Resistance: 1.5(+/-0.1)ohm(dual coil)
Color: silver
Thread Type: 510

Eleaf GS Air Atomizer comes with
1* GS Air Mouthpiece
1* GS Air Atomizer Tube
1* GS Air Head
1* GS Air Atomizer Base

If you want to know more features about Eleaf GS Air Atomizer , the official authourized site is http://www.istick.org/gs-air-atomizer.html ,only need $8.9 , and if you buy it before 12/31/2015, you can enjoy more 4% discount .

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