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Reviews about Kanger Subtank Mini

Kanger's Subtank series is one of the most popular lines of sub ohm tanks on the market. This is largely down to their solid design, substantial tank sizes and the wide range of available atomizer heads. It's easy to see why vapers around the world class them as some of the best sub ohm tanks on the market. The Subtank Mini has a straightforward aim: cramming everything you love about the original Subtank into a more portable format. Although it might mean taking a bit of a down-grade in tank size, for many vapers, the Subtank Mini looks like the perfect sub ohm tank. But is it worth picking one up? Has the tank still got what it takes to compete in the increasingly crowded market?

The Subtank Mini is easy to use, performs excellently and only has very minor downsides. It's a stand-out sub ohm tank, especially for those looking for both the simplicity of using pre-built coils and an occasional tinker with an RBA head. If you're just looking for an RTA, there are some better options when it comes to deck size and ease of rebuilding (like the Bachelor Nano, the Wotofo Conqueror, the GeekVape Avocado 24 and many others), but for a device that can do it all, the Subtank Mini is hard to beat.

Kanger has earned a solid reputation for themselves in the industry, and the build quality of the Subtank is just what you'd expect from a reputable company. Everything works exactly as it should, and the tank itself is sturdy and reliable, right down to the thick, high-quality O-rings. No complaints at all.

The Subtank Mini thoroughly deserves its reputation as one of the stand-out sub ohm tanks on the market today, with excellent performance across different coil types, a solid RBA head and a user-friendly design, it's really hard to fault. It deals with a lot of the issues vapers had with the original Subtank – thanks to improved airflow, a better RBA head setup and the unwieldy size – and still captures everything that was great about it. if you're looking for a top-quality sub ohm tank, it's well worth every cent.

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