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Can Regulated Mods Be Safe All The Time

Some people have been shocked by exaggerated potential hazards posed by vaping ,which scared them off vaping. Meanwhile, lots of e-cigarettes manufacturers blow on the regulated mods, claiming that with the regulated mods, you can rest assured and enjoy vaping. However, there is a question: can regulated mods be safe all the time?

The answer is definitely not. We can not prevent some incidents that have been caused by improper use. So do the regulated mods. Here I am going to briefly explain some problems which might be triggered under the following circumstances not matter you are using a mechanical mod or a regulated mod.

First of all, problems with "autofiring". "autofiring" happens when the battery firs when beyond your expectation or there is nothing pressing the fire button down. Second, using the incorrect batteries. For regulated mods that do not have a built-in battery, if you use battery that can not cope with how much current you are trying to draw, the mod may be dangerous. Besides, the battery is exposed to high temperatures,which may also pose some problems.What's more, you should not charge the battery in the wrong way.

If you have paid attention to the above lines I've mentioned, then your regulated mods can be safe all the time.Besides, here I recommend you some reliable regulated mods like Eleaf iStick Pico25, Eleaf iKuun i200 Kit and so on.  Hope you can have a wonderful vaping experience! For more information about vaping, follow us on our blogger!

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