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Eleaf iStick Trim The Thinnest and Lightweight Vape Ever

If you are in the market for a back-up vape. You do not want it to be too heavy like a brick, also adding great burden to your bag. Besides, you need that vape to be a combination of elegant design, tiny size, and impressive functionality! "Are you being too demanding" or "Continue to live your fantasies" people may say. 

In the past, this may be difficult to realize. However, with the launching of Eleaf iStick Trim with GSTurbo Atomzier Kit, everything can be solved easily. Being the thinnest vape ever in the market, it is so tiny, with a net weight of only 68g. How incredibly small! And do not worry, tiny size does not mean short battery life, powered by a 1800mAh internal battery, it has a relatively long battery life. 

Most attractively, there are five colors for this wonder vape: Red, Black, Silver, Greenery, Rose gold which is newly introduced to the Eleaf products, also a spotlight! Similar to the gold rose of Apple iPhone, I believe girls will love it! 

In a word, Eleaf iStick Trim with GSTurbo is going to be a hit in the market! For more valuable information, please follow our blogger!

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