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A best marijuana grow tent for beginner

For beginners, it is important to choose a good grow tent for growing marijuana, becasuse growing marijuana requires a lot of energy, if because of the planting environment leads to the failure of planting, you will be regret, everything will be cast to the wind. Today we will recommend a best marijuana grow tent to beginngers, 4x4 indoor marijuanagrow tent, you will like it very much in all its aspects:
1. from a famous brand of indoor grow tent: The Green Room, specializing in making grow tents,high quality;
2. 100% highly reflective water proof mylar ensure that light can shine through every corner;
3. it comes with 4" and 6" dual sided vent ports;
4. it features strong, sturdy and secure frame, this tent is able to hold the weight up to 176 lbs (80kg);
5. it comes with water-proof floor;
6. the window with mech ventilation;
7. it comes with heavy duty zippers;
8. Light-proof special sewing method;
9. The price is rather favourable, just only need $199, the cost of growing marijuana will be saved much, and if you planing to by a grow tent kit, you can saved much more, you can enjoy $300 off by use the coupon code 300OFF before 09/15/2017, the page is: https://www.grgrowtent.com/gr120-4x4ft-hid-complete-indoor-grow-tent-kit-120x120x200.html.
Good did not blather, you can know its details from following pictures:

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