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Cloud Chasing-What Should Be Noticed

Nowadays, as vaping become popular, people find themselves a new activity for entertainment, that's cloud chasing. If you have watched any video on Youtube shot by the vape god-Austin, you would be deeply impressed! The goal of cloud chasing is to create the biggest vapor clouds humanly possible. So you may ask how to be skilfully in cloud chasing? Of course, apart from thousands of practices, there are other factors influencing the vapor production.

First, you need choose a powerful mod such as Eleaf iStick qc 200w, Wismec RXGEN3, Kanger Five6 and so on, thus you can begin your chasing journey! Second, it is about the atomizer, an RDA is a must for cloud chaster. Third, e-juice can also have great influence on the vapor production. The higher the VG content, the thicker your vapor clouds will be. Fourth, if if the airflow resistance is low, the more is needed. Fifth, the build  is also part of the factor. The lower the resistance, the bigger the cloud.

Above are some requisite of the vape. Huge vapor production is not only determined by the vaping device. It also has a lot to do with your body posture, inhale and exhale technique which may take you lots of time to practice. The last factor that affects the vapor is your genetics. Of course, this can not be changed. Some people with more lung capacity are able to inhale more vapor without coughing while others can not.

So if you wanna be a skilled cloud chaster, taking the above factors into consideration! Follow our blogger, interesting things and fresh ideas about vape will be updated more!

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