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Is Sigelei Foresight 220W Kit Going To Set The Trend For Future Vaping Market

With the increased demand of vapers, the electronic cigarette manufacturers never stop making innovations. Recent-released Sigelei Foresight 220W Kit is an example, with unprecedentedly introduced 21700 battery, differentiating itself from the ordinary vapes in the market now. What's more some people claim that it will set the trend for the future vape market!

Surprisingly, there is no available information on the paired atomizer included in this kit, but the generous chassis dimensions guarantee suitability for atomizers of up to 30mm. Other features include a 1 inch, TFT color display, an unusual, diamond-shaped firing button and adjustment buttons on the front face.

However, the price of this vape is not going to be so affordable and since there has been any matched atomizer so the single mod can not completely meet people's demand! So here if you wanna try a less expensive yet still competitive mod,  I recommend you Eleaf iKonn 220W mod at $29.9,  with a similar wattage as the Sigelei Foresight 220W Kit.

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