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Eleaf iStick Trim With GSTurbo Preview

With other manufacturers of vapes trying to integrate more functions into a vape, however, there comes a problem that the vapes' volumes become huger as well. So many vapes manufacturers exert their efforts to minimize the volume of vapes, but the vapes can own as enough functions as others.

The Eleaf company is one of these manufacturers, having invented a kind of vapes called iStick Trim with GSTurbo.

Eleaf iStick Trim with GSTurbo starter kit having an elegant and thin design, the users of them can enjoy others’ attention on their vapes every time they use the vapes, which will give the users more satisfaction. There is an intuitive LED battery bar on the top of vapes, which can be used to check battery life, and three power level of outputting capacity, with which you can choose the best outputting capacity for you, the two functions enable to make your vaping experience far more better than others. The battery capacity is 1800mAH, and with a 2A charging capacity, the battery can be charged to max. Also,equipped with a refined airflow system, the vapor produced by the vapes has been enhanced a lot. And, there are various colors which can be chosen by you.

A kind of all-round and still compact and elegant vapes is not easy to be found in the market. Now there is one in front of you, and come to buy one.

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