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How to Use iJust S ?

1. First drip a few drops of e-liquid directly into the coil to make it fully saturated and screw the atomizer head onto the atomizer base tightly.
2. Then screw the atomizer tube onto the atomizer base.
3. Next screw off the top cap; slowly fill e-liquid into the atomizer along the glass tube and screw the top cap with mouthpiece back onto the atomizer tube tightly after filling. (Note: please don’t overfill and don’t fill e-liquid into the air pipe; please take several puffs without activating the atomizer and leave the atomizer sit for several minutes before first use.)
4. Put the airflow control ring on the atomizer base and the airflow can be adjusted by rotating the silicone ring.
5. Finally screw the atomizer onto the battery and the iJust S is ready for use.

Power on/off: Press the button 5 times in quick succession within two seconds, the white button light will flash 5 times to show Eleaf iJust S Starter Kit is powered on. In the same way, the device can be turned off.

Vaping: Long press the button to take a puff.

Charging: Charge the device by connecting it with wall adapter or computer via USB cable. The light will turn red when the device is charging and the light will go out when fully charged. It will take about 4 hours to get a full charge via 1A wall adapter.

Atomizer Protection: When vaping time exceeds 15 seconds, the device shuts off automatically with the white button light flashing 10 times.

Short-circuit Protection: When the resistance is less than 0.15ohm, short-circuit occurs with the white button light flashing 3 times.

No Atomizer Protection: The white button light will flash slowly when the button is pressed down without atomizer connected.

Low-voltage Protection: When the voltage of the device is below 3.3V, the white button light will flash 40 times. At the same time, the device won’t turn on.
Unlock the Low-voltage Protection: Charge the device till the voltage is above 3.7V. Then the low-voltage protection will be unlocked automatically.

Battery Level Indication Function: The white button light will stay lit or flash slowly after a puff when the battery level is high. On the contrary, the light will flash in frequency.

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