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Is It Right To Choose ASTER Total Kit?

Eleaf is a brand I like very much. In my opinion, Eleaf is an e-cigarette manufacturer who constantly innovates and pursues a superior vaping experience. So recently Eleaf has also brought us a lot of new products. Will the introduction of this product today also make us shine? Let's take a look

What kind of experience does the ASTER Total Kit bring us?
The ASTER Total Kit is an ergonomically designed work, so when you use it, you feel very comfortable. The shape of the entire KIT and the design of the fire button are just right. The ASTER Total Kit is powered by a 1600mAh battery. This high-capacity battery ensures that you can use it for long periods of time. 
ASTER Total Kit is a built-in tank design. It has 3.2ml of space to store e-liquid, and with Top Filling and Visible E-liquid Level design, you can more easily add e-liquid. It also comes with Adjustable Airflow design, which brings you a better vaping experience. It has to be said that it can also replace the IC 1.1ohm Head, allowing you to get more vapor and unparalleled taste. The last one is that it also offers three different colors of Leather Sticker for your choice, you are free to dress up your Kit.

The most important thing is that ASTER Total Kit's price is very favorable. I believe that you can't wait to buy it right now, right?

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