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Rolo Badge Looks Good

When we are talking about SMOK, we are talking about its powerful stuff. Because SMOK brings us all very strong sensory products, such as unimaginable shapes, the crazy high-power vape mod, and the cloud beast tank that drowns you in vapor, etc. It really is different from the previous one.

Is Rolo Badge the right choice?

Introducing everyone today is SMOK's new Vape Kit. This is a product that looks elegant and dazzling, and people can't help but see. There is a symbol of honor and power, whether men or women, I think it will bring out your extraordinary. The design of the entire Kit is very compact, so it is very portable, you can take it to any place you want to go. It is powered by a 250mAh internal battery and offers a USB charging design. 

It comes with a 2ml E-liquid storage Pod, this pod supports the E-liquids repeatability feature, and comes with an E-liquids injection bottle in the KIT package, making it easier for you to add the E-liquids you want. The most important point is that there is no button on the Rolo Badge kit. If you want to use it, you only need to take a mouthpiece against the cigarette holder. Then you can use it. Is it super convenient? 
You don't need to worry about the taste before you buy, because SMOK has pre-tested the best output and the most suitable matching for you, so you can focus on enjoying your vaping.

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