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How Powerful Is the IJOY EXO 360 KIT?

Yes, I really fell in love with the powerful Vape Kit recently. why? Because it brings vaping experience is really extraordinary. Not only does it bring me more vapor, it also brings more impact taste. Really great. So today we are talking about a big output monster, which is EXO 360 KIT from IJOY.

How about the performance of EXO 360 KIT?

The EXO 360 KIT consists of an EXO 360 BOX MOD and an EXO XL Tank. This time IJOY offers 4 different colors to choose from, I think you can choose what you want. The EXO 360 Kit is a cylindrical design, so it's convenient to use it on your hand. What about its performance? The EXO 360 BOX MOD is powered by four 18650 batteries and achieves an incredible maximum output of 360W. Yes. You are not mistaken, it is 360W. Of course, it also supports powered by two 18650 batteries, allowing you to have more choices. On the front of the mod is a large-size display that allows you to visualize the output information and battery status. It comes with a large area of fire buttons and two adjustment buttons, allowing you to more easily manipulate. So it is a Box Mod that can hold four batteries at the same time, but one hand can use it in hand. Is it great?

The EXO XL Tank is a highly recognizable vape tank because it has an obvious "X" symbol. If you are a person who likes to be concerned, I think it will attract more attention for you. EXO XL has 5ml of e-liquid storage space for your convenience. It is equipped with a bottom airflow system that we are familiar with, allowing us to freely control the vaping effect we want. Most importantly, you can replace the use of the XL-C2 coil and XL-C4 coil, which will give you a different vaping feel. If you are a vapor chaser, I would recommend using the XL-C4 coil. Why? Because it supports the maximum 215W output from the mod, brings you more vapor.

Yes, this is what I want to share with everyone. EXO 360 BOX MOD plus the strong EXO XL Tank, they will become your choice?

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