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Is the Experience With IJOY Captain S Tank Really Unprecedented?

IJOY's new product has been released for some time, so today I was lucky to receive a Captain S subohm tank from IJOY. So how does this vape tank bring us an experience? Let me share with you.

OK, so the packaging I got this time is similar to the previous one. It includes Captain S Tank, a C2A coil (pre-installed), a CA3 coil, a replacement glass, a 510 drip tip, a vape band, and a warranty card. Yes, as you can see, it has all the components It is very complete. At first glance, I particularly like Captain S because its design is really beautiful. From the official website of IJOY, this time Captain S is equipped with a unique groove chassis, so it can effectively prevent the Tank from heating up when it is used. Is this effect really magical? After I tried it, I did find that the temperature was not as high as other tanks, but the effect was not particularly obvious, but it was better than none. right?

The Captain S Tank comes with a brand new thread-less coil system, but to be commended, it really makes it easier to change the coil. Of course, the best thing is that it supports replacing CA2 coil and CA3 coil, giving you a superb vaping experience. My trial was only 100W output vape mod, but Captain S's performance is really amazing. Not only is the taste very smooth, but the amount of vapor is also very satisfactory.

In short, this time I was really addicted to Captain S. It really was so loved and inextricable.

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