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Who Wouldn't Like This Portable, Powerful, Unique PLY ROCK ZILLA 60W STARTER KIT?

Hi, everyone! We generally categorize the built-in battery and the lightweight vape kit as a beginner's kit. And because of its small size, this kind of vape kit is usually more ordinary in appearance. The Baroque brand, which has been known for its unique shape and structure, has made a design that is inconceivable in the appearance of a small-sized vape kit.

How about the ZILLA60W Kit

The new ZILLA60W kit from PLY ROCK  presents a source of inspiration for product design on the packaging. That is Godzilla, so there is a very wild Godzilla eye pattern on the packaging. After opening, the inside of the package is very neatly arranged ZILLA mod and WAKE Tank.

If you only look at the shape of ZILLA mod will give you a sense of the game computer chassis, because the design of the mech type makes ZILLA mod bring a greater visual impact. Irregular body design and screen frame design make the ZILLA mod look like a tough guy.

The ZILLA mod has a huge fire button with a scale-like design that gives it a great press experience. Because it's small, it's easy to hold it in your hand.

The WAKE TANK atomizer can be said to be a star product in the nebulizer. It not only has a superior appearance, but also is very satisfying in terms of the taste and the amount of smoke. What is regrettable is that this time the packaging does not have a spare atomizing core. I have to say that the combination of the recommended power of 40~80W WAKE TANK and the maximum output power of 60W ZILLA mod can be quite matched, so the performance of both has been brought to the extreme.

This small and portable starter kit can have such a superb appearance. I believe that many players will be attracted to the ZILLA60W Kit.

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