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Will the Stick V8 Kit Become Your First Vape Kit?

SMOK is an e-cigarette brand that never stopped exploring for different vapers. I recently received the Starter Kit from SMOK, which is the Stick V8 Kit. After using it for more than a week, I decided to share with you my experience.

How about the Stick V8 Kit

Stick V8 Kit is a Starter Kit launched by SMOK. It has all the features of Starter Kit, including portable, pen style, easy-to-use.Stick V8 Kit consists of TFV8 big baby tank and Stick V8 Mod. It is a complete pen style Starter Kit, so I can use it completely in my hand, and it uses a very fine lacquer finish, so it looks very texture. SMOK also offers up to 19 optional colors, so you can easily choose the one that fits your personality. There's only one fire button and one USB port on the mod, so it's that simple. You just have to press the fire button five times in a row to start it. After you add e-liquid and press the fire button, you can use it.

The TFV8 big baby tank is a mini version of the TFV8 big Tank, which not only gives us better portability, but it is still so strong. It has 5ML of e-liquid storage space, so it can well meet our daily needs. It comes with a top filling system that we are all familiar with, so adding e-liquid to a beginner would be a pleasure. My favorite is that it still supports replacing V8-BABY series coils, so it can meet our different vaping requirements. No matter if it is big smoke or better taste, it can run well. Of course if you want to change other tanks, the Stick V8 Mod has a 24.5mm diameter and the 510 thread interface will be very compatible. So, do you want to try it?

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