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Let Us Use One Minute To Know Joyetech EXCEED Edge Kit Vape Kit

Hi, everyone! Welcome to today's "One minute". Today I will share with you a new product from Joyetech, the EXCEED Edge Kit.

The EXCEED Edge Kit is a POD Style Starter Kit. When I talked about this product I couldn't help but excited because it looked so dynamic!

Sport Car Elements

The Fire button, which mimics the design of the convertible, imitates the taillights of the car and imitates the charging port of the car's exhaust. All these elements remind us that its design was inspired by the Sport Car.

 In such a small size, it can hold a 650mAh battery and store 2ml of e-liquid. With new EX 1.2ohm head and Smooth air intake, EXCEED Edge Kit will give you a more wonderful vaping feeling.

Where Can I Buy It?

Now that the Cloumix Vape Online Store is running a special offer, purchasing the EXCEED Edge Kit during the Mother's Day event will give you an unexpected discount. Are you ready?

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