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Let Us Use One Minute To Know Vaporesso Revenger X Kit Vape Kit

Hi, guys! This is "One minute". What we bring to everyone today is a highly recognized product, an advanced Vape Kit from Vaporesso, the Revenger X Kit.

Yes, why did you say that this is a very high-quality product? Let's take a look at its appearance. This is a glass-covered product. The smooth surface makes it look more textured.

You may wonder, then where is the adjustment button? In fact, Revenger X uses three responsive touch buttons on the body, giving Revenger X a more neat appearance.

 The vape mod powered by two 18650 batteries gives us a super maximum output of 220W.

NRG Tank will be another protagonist of this device. With two different resistance coils, GT8 (0.5ohm) and GT4 (0.15 ohm), Revenger X will give you a shocking vaping experience.

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