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SMOK Veneno Kit User Munual


Veneno Kit like the famous bull in the bullfighting, wild and unbreakable. Decorating with seven LED lights at front and back, it will shine your vaping experience! Its 225W high power can meet your various demands, 1.3 inch colorful screen can show you detailed information clearly, and the ergonomically designed fire key makes it comfortable to hold. Combining with fashionable TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition tank, you are definitely the dominator of the vapor fight.

The Kit Includes:

1x Veneno Mod
1xTFV8 Big Baby Light Edition Tank
1x V8 Baby-Q2 0.4Ω Dual Coils(Pre-installed)
1x v8 Baby-T8 0.15Ω Octuple Coils
1x Replacement Glass Tube     1xUSB Cable
1x User Manual   Spare Parts


Power Range:1W-225W
Standby Current:<500uA
Output Voltage:0.5V-9.0V
Resistance Range:0.1Ω-2.5Ω(VW)/0.05Ω-2Ω(TC)
Temperature Range:200℉--600℉/100℃--315℃

TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition

Material:Stainless Steel


1. Using your Smartphone or PC to visit SMOK official website:
2. Scratch off the coating of the security label on packing box to get the 16 authentication code. Enter it into the input field on the webpage to verify. The result will come out after a few seconds.
3. If you have any question, please contact SMOK consultant via e-mail, phone or our website to get more help.


Note:Please carefully keep the anti-counterfeiting codes on the package.
Only the activated products can get after-sale service.

Veneno Kit Warranty Period: 6 months from the Purchase Date.
Within the 6 months, some items may not be eligible for service due to misuse, damage, or other failures caused by end users. SMOK’s warranty only covers manufacturer defects or premature failure. Please contact SMOK Authorized Vendor for more information and terms of service.

The”Veneno Kit Customers Card” is an important proof for customers to process warranty claims, please keep it. Read the card carefully and fill it out correctly. Warranty claims must be accompanied with this cad. For more warranty policies and processes, please visit our official website:


User Guide

Preparation before use:

1)Please make sure the battery you’re using corresponds with the BATTERY WARNING CARD.
2)Before vaping, please make sure the tank is filled with enough e-juice.

Battery Installation

1)Slide and open the battery cover as the picture shows;
2)Place the batteries into the device according to correct directions;
3)Close the battery cover.

Attach Atomizer 

The Veneno uses a spring loaded 510 connector. Please be certain that there is nothing between the Mod and attached atomizer.
1)Connect the atomizer to the device and tighten it clockwise.
2)After the device is powered on ,please press the Fire Key to vape.

Mod Operations

1.Power on:
2.While the device is off, quickly click Fire Key 5 times in 2s to turn it on. The screen successively displays “SMOK”;

①While the device is on, hold Fire Key to vape(it will forced to stop working when one vaping is longer than 10s, release and press again to vape again);
②Quickly press the Fire Key 5 times to lock or unlock

3.Screen Unlocked Status:

①Press UP and Down button simultaneously to lock the device.
②Press Fire Key and DOWN button simultaneously to choose your desired mode, TC mode(Ti, Ni, SS), VW Mode and MEMORY Mode;
③Press Fire Key and UP button to choose your desired ramp up option Norm/Soft/Hard in WATT MODE or 10-225W in TEMP MODE or MEN:1-22 in MENORY MODE.
④Press UP or DOWN button to adjust the temperature or wattage settings.

4.Locking your device:
Hold the Fire Key for 5s this will lock your device. No adjustments can be made nor can the device be fired in this state.

5.Power Off:
While the device is locked, hold Fire Key for 5s, choose Power OFF, and the screen turns off, which means the device is power off. You may also access the option to turn off your device by entering the menu and selecting option there.

6.Settings Saved:
All th settings will automatically saved when selected. No need to reset preferences each time the device is turned on.

After startup, fast press the Fire Key 3 times in 2 seconds, then you will go on the operation menu. At the same time long-press on the Fire Key to confirm your selected function; UP/DOWN button can navigate the menu.

1)VW Mode

Veneno VW Mode is available for all types of atomizers.

  • Enter VW Mode:select “WATT” from TC Mode, VW Mode and MEMORY Mode by pressing Fire Key + DOWN Button simultaneously while screen is unlocked. Alternatively you can switch the mode by depressing the Fire Key three times in quick succession, then press the fire key for a moment while the screen displays”MODE”, and then select “WATT” buy holding the fire key for a moment.
  • In the WATT Mode, you can use UP/DOWN Button to adjust the wattage settings with increase/decrease of 0.1W to get the best preferred wattage.(Note:When the wattage lower than 100 watts the Veneno will adjust in tenths of watt initially; higher than 100 watts the Veneno adjust every time).
  • Use Fire Key to switch to next submenu”Preheat”, and use UP or DOWN button to switch your desired ramp up option HARD, NOEM, SOFT.

2)TC Mode

TC Mode is available for the Veneno, only works with a TC type atomizer.

  • Enter TC Mode: switch to TC Mod(Ti, Ni, SS), VW Mode and MEMORY Mode by pressing Fire Key + DOWN Button simultaneously while screen is unlocked or by quickly pressing the fire button 3 times and selecting Mode, and then select TEMP.
  • Use Fire Key + UP Button simultaneously to adjust from 10W to 225W.
  • In TC Mode, use the UP/DOWN Button to adjust the temperature settings with an increase/decrease of 1 degree Fahrenheit(about 1 Celsius degree) to get best preferred settings.

3)MEMOY Mode 

  • Enter MEMORY Mode:select from TC Mode, VW Mode and MEMORY Mode by pressing Fire Key + DOWN Button simultaneously while screen is unlocked.
  • Wait 5s or press and hold the Fire Key to set M1-M22 settings; increase or decrease the wattage value by UP or DOWN button.

4)Puff Setting

  • Puff Setting :Set puff limit number.
  • Puff Clean: Puff counter cleaning function.
  • Puff Already:Puff number taken so far.

5)Screen Setting

  • Colors available screen display
  • Screen Time:15-240S
  • Auto Lock:Lock or Unlock

6)LED Setting

  • 12 color available for LED backlight
  • Light style:Normal, Flash, Fade
  • Light UP:Off, Vaping On, Screen On, Always On

7)Power Off

Choose “X” means Power On;
Choose “√”means Power Off with “SMOK”

Tank Operations

How to fill with e-liquid:

1)Hold the tank in one hand, use the other to move the top cap counter clockwise.

2)Add e-liquid through the slot while being careful not to drip tip into the central chimney.

3)Close the cap tightly with care. Let it stands for several minutes to completely saturate the organic cotton.

Replace atomizer core:

First, unscrew the base, then unscrew the coil head from the base, then secure your new coil head onto the base plate(ensure that it is screwed in securely), finally screw the new coil head into the chimney and you’re ready to prime your new coil head.

Control air input:

Rotate the button adjustable airflow system to control air input.

If you need any additional information or have any questions about the products or its use, please contact your local SMOK agent or to visit our website www.smoktech.com


1.Before use please read the manual carefully
2.Connect the atomizer to a power source that is suitable for its intended use.
3.Please avoid getting the e-liquid into your mouth directly
4.Please do not store the liquid inside the atomizer if the device is not going to be used for a long period.
5.Please refill the tank when the e-liquid is nearly used out to avid dry-burning of the atomizer.
6.Please do nor drop, throw or mishandle this product as the outer shell or inner components may become damaged.
7.In order to prolong the operation of your product, please keep it away from excessive temperature and humid environment.
8.Please keep this product away from children and pregnant women.


Underage sale is prohibited. Depending on your country/region legal smoking age.18+ and over 21+ in other country/regions.


This product is not intended for use by person under legal smoking age, nonsmokers, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or person with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medicine or depression asthma.

Appendix 1 Key Function Table

Appendix 2 Screen Prompts Table

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