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what is Joyetech RIFTCORE DUO?

Joyetech RIFTCORE DUO Atomizernebulizer, using an RFC heater, can be quickly and efficiently heated. Joyetech RIFTCORE DUO Atomizerheater is manufactured by a U.S. company.Safety inspections have been conducted by professionals so you can use it safely.
What's more convenient is that the RFC heating element cleans up carbon deposits automatically. When you ignite the RFC, it will automatically clean up. So it can save you the trouble of cleaning up.All you need to do is replace the cotton to achieve long-term, delicious smoking.

When you want to change cotton, you should do this.First, the first step, remove the old cotton. In the second step, put the old cotton in a dry RFC heater at 30W for 3 seconds. The third step, let it cool for 10 seconds.Finally, repeat the drying and cooling cycleseveral times until the heater is clean.

The Joyetech  RIFTCORE DUO atomizer features a push-open top-filling design, so when you push the top cover you can see the filling holes, so you can use vaping easily and freely. If you want to learn more about Joyetech RIFTCORE DUO Atomizerproduct, please Visit the website to view, we will provide you with the best service.

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