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SMOK G-Priv Baby Starter E-cigarette Box Kit Reviews

How do you do? What I want to share with you today is my Starter Kit. This is a product from SMOK, and it is famous for its 2.0inch display. Yes, when we talk about the big screen, we think of a big high power Kit, but today's device has a compact size.

Its 2.0 inch display

G-Priv Baby designed the 18650 battery compartment on the side of the fuselage so it did not affect the portability of this product. It uses a cap design to hide the 18650 battery. I know you want to know more about G-Priv Baby Starter E-cigarette Box Kit details. There is a 2.0 inch touch screen on the front of this product that works with my output adjustment.

Ui design is very simple and very intuitive, for every friend who is skilled in the control of mobile phones can control this device very well. The TFV12 Baby Prince tank has 4.5ml storage space with a bottom airflow adjustment system. In this starter kit we can get the maximum output of 85W.

it's up to you

The Cobra element drip tip makes G-Priv Baby look more wild. This is an electronic cigarette device for warm-blooded friends. It does not require you to worry about the vaping experience it brings. SMOK's praise can prove it all. But if you are choosing your first e-cigarette, G-Priv Baby will be your best choice. It not only brings the ultimate vaping taste but also has more pleasure in using it than other devices do not have. The first e-cigarette will be the most important decision, let G-Priv Baby accompany you into the world of vapor.

SMOK G-Priv Baby Starter E-cigarette Box Kit Revews

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