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Open Box Kit | Rincoe Ceto Pod Kit was Born for Portable and Easy-to-Use

A brand needs a star product. Each brand will have its own star product, a product that can represent the company's attitude and technology, then the Ceto Pod Kit is the representative work of Rincoe. As a young e-cigarette brand, what kind of new experience does Rincoe bring to us?

The Ceto Pod Kit is an ultra-slim Pod Kit. The device has an 80mm height, 37.5mm width and 10mm depth. Rincoe uses a lot of carbon fiber material to make the device look more vibrant and bring a better grip. Its compact size allows us to carry it easily in our pockets, allowing us to achieve vaping anytime, anywhere.

As the title says, this is an easy-to-use device. There is no fire button, no on/off button, all you need is direct inhalation to vaping. The Ceto Kit comes with a sensitive air sensor that senses airflow and automatically runs the device. Its gentle output supports us for high-nicotine vaping and MTL vaping. If you are looking for an excellent alternative to tobacco, the Ceto Kit will never let you down. If you want to know more, you can check out Rincoe Ceto Pod Kit Reviews Video.

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