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Review On Topside Squonker Mod

The Topside squonk mod is very hot since it is on the market. I am curious. For an innovative squonker with the top refilling system, most vapers want to have a try on it. Personally, the only element to push me not to buy the squonker is the size of the mod. It looks larger than the other squonkers. When holding it in hand, It is not as large as the 21700 box mod, but it is not small, also.

The squonker is well polished. It is robustness and feels good when holding in hand. The round sides are welcomed. It causes no hurt feeling when in hands. The fire button on the side. It is a little small, personally, think. But it works well and has a great response.

The design on the top filling bottle, it perhaps comes from the inspiration from the Pico, personally thinking. Instead of inserting the battery into the mod, the Dovpo design it by inserting the squeeze bottle into it which is innovative for the squonker mod. It is convenient for refilling the liquid. You do not have to take the bottle out of the mod when refilling and it causes no leaking at all. Inside the mod, you will get a small, simple design chipset. It supports firmware update. It supports VW and Bypass mode. If you want to use TC mode, you have to upgrade the firmware to a specific version. It is a safe guarantee for new vapers to vape with TC mode.

The squonker would not disappoint you with its high performance. The refilling system is cool. With several weeks of use, no scratches on the mod body. Also, no loose on top cap happened. I highly recommend the squonker to you.

It is a high quality built mod with good material. With the simple design chipset, you can handle it easily. Reusable silicone bottle is solid. All of them made the squonker in good condition in use. Also, it needs some upgrade for me. The adapter for 18650 has no breathing holes. If you get used to the plastic BF box mod, you would think the topside is heavy in weight. At last, it is much better if it supports display more data for vaping.

It is all come from my personal experience on using the Dovpo topside squonker mod. Hope it can help you.

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