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Another Tiny Nicotine-Salt Vpae Was Born! From IJOY

IJOY has undoubtedly gained a lot of attention from everyone in 2018. It launched the first AI vape of vape world! For this reason, IJOY began to get more attention from vapers. Now, IJOY will lead us into another field, ultra-portable NIC-salt Vape.

Which is Tiny Nicotine-Salt Vape?

Yes, the answer must be from the IJOY Mercury Starter Kit. The Mercury Kit has a 40mm width, 20mm depth, and 78.4mm. The palm-size gives it excellent portability and is lightweight.

IJOY cleverly combines the early Eleaf products, which design the Atomizer in the Vape Mod body for better size compression. Does the fuselage lack two parts? No, they are e-juice window and air intake holes.

The built-in atomizer of the fuselage can also monitor the e-juice level very well, and also supports airflow control. Great.

IJOY offers two different resistance coils, 1.0-ohm coil and 1.2-ohm coil, which is more suitable for Mercury Mod. In addition, it is equipped with a Big Fire Key and Battery LED Indicator. Easy to get hurt, easy to get a comfortable nic-salt vaping experience.

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