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The Similarities and differences between HW-M2 coil & HW-N2 Coil by Eleaf

Hi guys!

Today I will share you with some info about HW-M2 Coil & HW-N2 Coil.

What's the Similarities and Differences betwwen HW-M2 Coil and HW-N2 Coil?

The Similarities: Both HW-M2 coil & HW-N2 Coil are designed for Eleaf iJust 21700 Kit. They feature an innovative Leakage-Proof & Self-Cleaning (LPSC) technology. Both of them utilize porous cotton as its wicking material for absorbing e-liquid fully and quickly. 5pcs a pack in espectively! The same resistance: 0.2ohm,and the same Wattage: 40-90W.

The Differences: HW-M2 Coil belongs M2 series of HW, while HW-N2 Coil belongs N2 series of HW! The ring of the former is red, the later is black!

Ok, above are my ideas about Eleaf HW-M2 coil& Eleaf HW-N2 coil. Welcome to share your suggestions with us!

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