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Best Price for retail and wholesale E Pipe 618

If you're looking for a Electronic Cigarette that has the look as well as the feel of a traditional tobacco pipe, then you can consider the 618 E- Pipe. that reviews nicely and has the look and charm of the real thing.

From a distance, no one would realize it's an electronic smoking pipe. In the hand the difference is obvious: the housing is made from plastic. feels very good.

May be you would like wood. but I want to say plastic means this is a cheap electronic pipe to buy, and it still feels quite good in the hand.

It has a little diamond plastic cap over the battery which lights up when it fires.

It comes with a cartomizer tank. That's a technology that you don't see as often, but it works well. You'll just have to pick up new cartos every so often. You get a spare tank so you can mix up your juice flavours.

If you feel inspired, you can replace the tank with another 510 atomizer. That versatility is really what makes the e-pipe 618 worthwhile in my mind. And frankly, it looks awesome with just about any atomizer, clearomizer or cartomizer you throw on there. It'll get loads of comments.

Like most, this unit runs on an 18350 battery, which fits snugly in the bowl. The battery is automatic, meaning it's fired by just inhaling (rather than by pushing a button). That's actually a really nice thing, and it makes for a more authentic pipe feel.

The E-Pipe 618 is a very good affordable electronic smoking pipe, be worth to have one. Looking for Best pirce for retail and wholesale, just Click Here!

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