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My Exprience Of Lemo 2

I have test many of the devices we sell online. One that came across my desk last week, was Ismoka's second version of the Lemo, branded under the Eleaf line Lemo 2 Sub ohm Tank . I never got to try the Lemo drop, so I can't compare it to its successor. But I can give my opinion on how it compares to its competition. With other tanks like the Goblin and Subtank on the market, where does the Lemo 2 stand?
I'm going to use this RTA for a while and give it an honest look-over, but as of right now it's very enjoyable. I thought at first that the top fill port would irritate me, but it's actually turned out to be quite the convenience. Leaking is only sometimes an issue when filling, but closing off the airflow when opening the fill port keeps that from happening. This tank, once familiarity is built, is quite the performer. Flavor is great, and vapor production is on par.

I'm going to keep using it and see if any other quirks show themselves. So far I am using the stock coil that comes built, however I did trim a little bit of the wicking off, and by a little, I mean abut half of what was pre-wicked.

It is a nice exprience so far !

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